Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The best time to plant everything!

From time to time I get asked the question "When should I plant XX" Most of the time I'm pretty quick with an answer and if I don't know right away I'm more than happy to look it up. In a continuing effort to help people in anyway that I can I wanted to share one of the secrets of the gardening world. The university systems throughout the country spend a lot of time and energy focusing on gardening, both large scale and small. I know here in NYC it's hard to imagine, but we as Americans are steeped in agricultural traditions. Because of this rich history, lots of money goes to schools in an effort to help the public at large with their gardening issues. A perfect example of this is the Master Gardeners program. Here in NYC our local Master Gardeners are hosted via the Cornell Cooperative Extension program. These folks are super nice, super helpful, and an amazing resource that should be used and used often.

That being said, this is one example of the great data these types of programs produce. Below is a planting guide specific to NYC developed by efforts at Cornell.
If you would like a .pdf copy feel free to email me or just come by the shop and I'm happy to help you out! And a big thank you to the author(s) of this report, you've done a great service to all of us slugging it out in the trenches!

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